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      Home->About DWIN->Human Resources

      Come here, to grow together with DWIN.

      Join DWIN, to make design easier and life better.

      Join DWIN, to grow together.

      Come here, to achieve win-win with DWIN.

      In DWIN, we persist in being “Professional, Creditalble, Successful”.

      We believe in Double Win (DWIN = Double Win),

      And win together, grow together.

      Corporate Welfare

       Social security and supplementary commercial insurance

       Annual paid vacation for holidays per working years

       Wedding gift

       Annual checkup

       12-day Spring Festival holidays

       Meals and accommodation
          (Only in Hunan DWIN Science Park)


      Resume Assessment
      Written Test

      E-mail: hr@dwin.com.cn, dwinhmi@dwin.com.cn;

      When attending the interview, please bring copy/ scanned copy of your school transcript.

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